The Dominican Liturgical Heritage

After the Second Vatican Council, the Dominican Order adopted, for the most part, the revised books of the Roman Rite, especially the Missal and Liturgy of the Hours.   It was always intended, however, that the great tradition of the Order's chant would continue to enrich our celebrations.

Moreover, especially after Summorum pontificum of the Holy Father, there is always the possibility of celebrating, within the terms of that motu proprio, the Dominican Rite as it was in 1962, before the adoption of the Roman Missal, Breviary and other rites.

On this page, we have collected, in pdf format, many of the liturgical boooks of the Order's tradition ne pereant.

I am indebted to Fr Augustine Thompson, O.P., and his excellent site:
dominican-liturgy.blogspot.com for making these texts available.



For some more Dominican texts, see:


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